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APSX-PIM Updates

This is where you can find the updates on the APSX-PIM injection molding machine.

STEPPER MOTORS - January 2021

We have been using our machines in house almost every day for the last five years. We sold hundreds of machines in 3 years. We NEVER saw a motor failure yet. For a short cycle like this that does not make any sense to turn it on and off the motors. All motors are either moving or performing braking functions during the cycle. So we do not want to power off any of them. At the end of the process, the user is not supposed to leave the machine idle with power on motors and heaters. It is not good for the plastic inside the barrel because it will degrade after 10-15 minutes. When you are done, power it off.

HOPPER SCREW AUGER - February 2021

The hopper screw (auger, they say) has a newer design by February 2021 that performs much better for all pellet types with no issues. The change point was using a variable pitch screw design rather than fixed. The old design was ok for most of the plastics but the new one works better and faster for all types.

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